Friday, February 6, 2009

I Will Not Chew Gum In Class

Daydreamer, that's truly me! Always has been, and always, will be!
That's who I was when I was a young girl. I couldn't keep my mind
on my school work when the sun would come shining so brightly
through our classroom window. Lord forbid, if there was a fluffy
white cloud in an azure blue sky. I would most definitely have to
follow it, like it was calling my name! No, that was my teacher...
hmmm, calling my name!!!

I remember times when I sat down on a warm sidewalk, shooing all
the ants away (so they wouldn't get smooshed) and drawing patterns
of boxes with numbers in them. I usually used a small piece of soft rock,
okay, okay...sometimes a small piece of chalk! I acquired this chalk for
erasing chalk boards for my teacher (a nun). Nooo, not out of the
kindness of my heart! Rather, as a punishment for...lets say. "Gum!"

"I will not chew gum"
"I will not chew gum"
I truly was not a chatterbox, far from it, as I was truly very shy! Just a
gum chewer was I. In those days, Teaberry, and Clove Gum...hmmm
Black Jack was even better!
I was filled with love for life, and I did not want to waste one single
solitary moment of it! I was determined to carry this spark with me
always, and I have!

And so we arrive back here in the present day, and time. I am always
at a loss for for words when someone asks me what do I actually do??
Currently, I am a Pre-school teacher. I was a Medical Assistant for over
22 years. I think of myself as a "maker of stuff," and my creative side
takes over!

I sit in awe with what I have been blessed with! I have the best husband
a woman could ever ask for. He is my partner, my #1 supporter, my
confidant, my love, and my forever.

My kids, who have kids.....oh, the grands, who make my heart skip
beats! I see their parents in them, and on occasion, I also see
myself! I haven't noticed any serious gum chewers yet, though!!!

I have had many new beginnings many endings (some good, and
some not so good).

Lessons I have learned....have been more than ample. I still learn
something new everyday! There are many things that I still want
to learn. There are things that I would do over if given the chance.
Then there are the things that I would never do again!!!!

Where I want to be is where I am right now! Although, my health
sometimes adds to the flavor of the day, I think that I have finally
figured out this thing called : Contentment
Yes, it is true that I have discovered what contentment is all about.
For me it's more than just being satisfied. I have my creativity, and
I can use it whenever I want. I can still bring smiles to the faces of
small children, and to those I love. This is without a doubt the
true meaning of being Content!

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