Thursday, February 19, 2009

If Only

Life for us is always full of "Ifs"......
It's the Ifs, the buts, and the whens....
If this happens, then we will do that.
It's always a plan, but Its only then
that we will engage in the "plan."
Then there comes the time when you
hear that time may be running out,
and your"number" may be coming up.
The future ifs which promised so much joy
change to sad..."If only".....
I have heard the "Ifs," the "If only" more than
a time or two!
I must not live "If only"...
So I try my best to steer the course that is
so important while I am still here,,,and still
My thoughts are very simple. If I were granted
one more day to spend alone with my loved ones,
I'd say all the things I should have, and would have
said, and do all I wanted to....with no regrets!

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