Saturday, January 24, 2009

Who Am I

I am a "Dreamer"....
I have always loved to reason is because
reading would feed my need to dream of far away
places and possibilities. I don't think I have ever lost
my ability to dream, nor have I changed a lot. I truly
am quite the optimist, because I am a "Dreamer."

I am an "Artist".........
Besides my obvious love for card making....I love all
of the arts! I love photography,(still life) I love paintings,
sculptures, and my ultimate is my love for Music.....more
than anything! I remember growing up and dancing with
my Dad in the dining room....we would roll the rug up, and
try to cut a rug! These memories bring me comfort.

I am a "Teacher".......
One of my greatest hearts desires was to be able to teach
children. I spent over 22 years in the medical field as a
Medical Assistant. I worked with doctors in Peds, Family
Practice and Internal Medicine. Now later in life, I am
a Preschool Teacher, and I am so content.

I am a "Legacy"..........
One of the greatest gifts I believe is a "Legacy"......My
legacy is built on love...for my children and especially
for my grandchildren. I will always be a part of who
they are.....what a Blessing!!!

I am a "Christian"..........
A lover and Believer of God......this is Me!!!!
If I could choose one identity in life, It would be this
one. I found Christ as a child, but more real for me
is what God has done in my Life. God has given me
a new life with my husband, new hope (because of
my cancer), and a new identity. Being true to myself
above all.....I like who I am, and I know that I am
here for a love and serve the Lord.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My First Blog Entry

Good Morning Everyone,

I am totally excited as this is my first attempt at Blogging.
So if I can talk, guess I can blog! So, pull up a chair, and
bring your coffee cup, and visit awhile!

We woke up this morning to see it "Snowing!" I hail from
Michigan so snow is not amazing to me. Infact, my son
called to say that he has so much snow at this point,
(Grand Rapids, Michigan) that he has no room to put it.
They can hardly see out of their living room window!
This is definitely why we moved to North Carolina.
There is no school here today, so hubby and I are
just enjoying some morning quiet time. Of course, we
have been up since 5:am, our usual rising time!

Today, history is truly being made. Within a few hours
we will have a new President of the United States. May
God Bless Barack OBama and his family.

My grandchildren just called to say they are already dressed and
going outside to play in the snow! They are so excited! My
daughter said she is going to take pictures, and even their
little dog is loving the snow! Fun, fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Fran