Thursday, February 19, 2009

If Only

Life for us is always full of "Ifs"......
It's the Ifs, the buts, and the whens....
If this happens, then we will do that.
It's always a plan, but Its only then
that we will engage in the "plan."
Then there comes the time when you
hear that time may be running out,
and your"number" may be coming up.
The future ifs which promised so much joy
change to sad..."If only".....
I have heard the "Ifs," the "If only" more than
a time or two!
I must not live "If only"...
So I try my best to steer the course that is
so important while I am still here,,,and still
My thoughts are very simple. If I were granted
one more day to spend alone with my loved ones,
I'd say all the things I should have, and would have
said, and do all I wanted to....with no regrets!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I Will Not Chew Gum In Class

Daydreamer, that's truly me! Always has been, and always, will be!
That's who I was when I was a young girl. I couldn't keep my mind
on my school work when the sun would come shining so brightly
through our classroom window. Lord forbid, if there was a fluffy
white cloud in an azure blue sky. I would most definitely have to
follow it, like it was calling my name! No, that was my teacher...
hmmm, calling my name!!!

I remember times when I sat down on a warm sidewalk, shooing all
the ants away (so they wouldn't get smooshed) and drawing patterns
of boxes with numbers in them. I usually used a small piece of soft rock,
okay, okay...sometimes a small piece of chalk! I acquired this chalk for
erasing chalk boards for my teacher (a nun). Nooo, not out of the
kindness of my heart! Rather, as a punishment for...lets say. "Gum!"

"I will not chew gum"
"I will not chew gum"
I truly was not a chatterbox, far from it, as I was truly very shy! Just a
gum chewer was I. In those days, Teaberry, and Clove Gum...hmmm
Black Jack was even better!
I was filled with love for life, and I did not want to waste one single
solitary moment of it! I was determined to carry this spark with me
always, and I have!

And so we arrive back here in the present day, and time. I am always
at a loss for for words when someone asks me what do I actually do??
Currently, I am a Pre-school teacher. I was a Medical Assistant for over
22 years. I think of myself as a "maker of stuff," and my creative side
takes over!

I sit in awe with what I have been blessed with! I have the best husband
a woman could ever ask for. He is my partner, my #1 supporter, my
confidant, my love, and my forever.

My kids, who have kids.....oh, the grands, who make my heart skip
beats! I see their parents in them, and on occasion, I also see
myself! I haven't noticed any serious gum chewers yet, though!!!

I have had many new beginnings many endings (some good, and
some not so good).

Lessons I have learned....have been more than ample. I still learn
something new everyday! There are many things that I still want
to learn. There are things that I would do over if given the chance.
Then there are the things that I would never do again!!!!

Where I want to be is where I am right now! Although, my health
sometimes adds to the flavor of the day, I think that I have finally
figured out this thing called : Contentment
Yes, it is true that I have discovered what contentment is all about.
For me it's more than just being satisfied. I have my creativity, and
I can use it whenever I want. I can still bring smiles to the faces of
small children, and to those I love. This is without a doubt the
true meaning of being Content!