Saturday, January 24, 2009

Who Am I

I am a "Dreamer"....
I have always loved to reason is because
reading would feed my need to dream of far away
places and possibilities. I don't think I have ever lost
my ability to dream, nor have I changed a lot. I truly
am quite the optimist, because I am a "Dreamer."

I am an "Artist".........
Besides my obvious love for card making....I love all
of the arts! I love photography,(still life) I love paintings,
sculptures, and my ultimate is my love for Music.....more
than anything! I remember growing up and dancing with
my Dad in the dining room....we would roll the rug up, and
try to cut a rug! These memories bring me comfort.

I am a "Teacher".......
One of my greatest hearts desires was to be able to teach
children. I spent over 22 years in the medical field as a
Medical Assistant. I worked with doctors in Peds, Family
Practice and Internal Medicine. Now later in life, I am
a Preschool Teacher, and I am so content.

I am a "Legacy"..........
One of the greatest gifts I believe is a "Legacy"......My
legacy is built on love...for my children and especially
for my grandchildren. I will always be a part of who
they are.....what a Blessing!!!

I am a "Christian"..........
A lover and Believer of God......this is Me!!!!
If I could choose one identity in life, It would be this
one. I found Christ as a child, but more real for me
is what God has done in my Life. God has given me
a new life with my husband, new hope (because of
my cancer), and a new identity. Being true to myself
above all.....I like who I am, and I know that I am
here for a love and serve the Lord.

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